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The Chimney

Although I had little idea what I was about when it came to building the chimney, it turned out to be fairly straightforward. Design-wise, the outermost opening should be slightly larger than the oven door, and the chimney itself should have a fair bit of height, otherwise it won't draw the smoke out properly.

I didn't take many photos of this stage, but what's here gives enough of an idea. The brick work is a little crude, but the overall effect is quite pleasant, I reckon, especially the arched opening, which I describe below.

Getting the chimney to fit around the dome required a bit of fiddling about - having an angle grinder fitted with a diamond blade will save you a lot of trouble here.

For the arched opening, I fashioned a temporary frame out of timber offcuts and a length of steel I bashed into an arc shape with a club hammer. I slightly tapered the bricks in the arch (cutting them with an angle grinder fitted with a diamond blade). Once all the bricks in the arch were in place, I removed the frame (carefully!) and voilá - there you have a self supporting arch!

I was very curious to see if the chimney would work as intended, and was delighted that it did! When the wind is up the smoke swirls around a bit, until the oven gets cranking, then the intense heat drives the gas and smoke up and out.

In an ideal world I might run the chimney into some kind of flu system, which would draw the smoke out even better. But for an outdoor oven, what I've got here works just fine.


  1. Very nice work I'm inspired :)

    1. Thanks! Been a while since I updated the blog - hope to add sections on the insulation and finishing the dome soon.

  2. Seeing the insulation part would be great

  3. Thanks Sam. I'll try to get to it soon. Nothing like a fresh comment to spur me into action! :)

  4. hows the insulation part going jim? cheers from bacolod city, Philippines!

  5. Hi all - posted the first of 2 parts on the insulation today. Hope you find them helpful. Jim Cooper

  6. I am just in the first virgin steps of building an oven. Your blog has given me the confidnce to go ahead ... full of simple easy and encouraging ideas thanks..... and off we go.

  7. I'm very happy to hear that - thanks for the feedback. I remember what it's like, but getting things straight in your mind and then taking it slow is all it takes. Let us know how you get on!